Accurate. Accountable.

Investment-grade sustainability through precision software.


Investment-grade sustainability starts with quality data. Measurabl automates data collection and quality assurance, preventing irregularities from entering into certified reports.


Measurabl syncs directly with utility companies to extract raw data, taking human error out of the process with automated monitoring of electric, fuel and district energy usage.


Measurabl performs carbon calculations according the gold standard for carbon accounting, the WRI/WBCSD GHG Protocol.


Measurabl syncs with water utilities to import, quality assure and record every invoice. No detail of water consumption is left undocumented.


Transparency is the second pillar of investment-grade certification. Certified companies compile their data into any one of three global sustainability reporting standards.


The Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark (GRESB) is the global standard for how real estate owners, developers and asset managers disclose sustainability performance. Its unique focus on the world's largest asset class - real estate - gives investors the best possible level of data granularity and comparability in their real estate decision making.


The Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) holds the world's largest store or carbon emissions data on private companies. Thousands of organizations around the world, disclose their energy, water and carbon performance according to its tried and tested methodology which awards respondents scores for both completeness of disclosure and progress on performance.


GRI is the world’s most widely used standard for sustainability reporting. It enables organizations of any type including businesses, cities, NGOs and even small organizations, to report on the material items that matter most to them and their stakeholders.


At the end of the day, real live human experts cull through your data to see if it all truly adds up. If so, the company is "Measurabl" and eligible for investment-grade certification.

Good Data

Automating the data collection process means no human intervention that can make performance appear better than it actually is.

Good Report

Using globally standard reporting methodologies ensures data is consistently presented, allowing apples to apples comparisons.

Good Measure

Our logo includes ruler gradations for a reason: only a measurable, auditable process can yield investment-grade results.

Want to be Measurabl?

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